Posted March 24, 2018 08:48:01 The malaria epidemic in Indonesia has spread to its second major city, Penang, in the past three weeks, and it is spreading rapidly.

The disease, which is endemic to tropical areas, has killed about 20,000 people.

Indonesia’s Ministry of Health and Welfare (MOHW) said in a statement Monday that 1,631 people have died in the city since it was hit by the disease last week.

The MOHW said that the toll could rise as the disease has not yet completely eradicated in the province.

The ministry said that there were no immediate reports of new cases in the capital, Jakarta.

The first cases of malaria in Penang were reported last Monday.

MOHN Chief Dr. Tanja Kjos said at a news conference that the new cases showed the need for immediate and intensive efforts to contain the disease.

She said there were 1,937 cases and 7,919 deaths in the state, compared to 2,094 and 6,071 cases and 4,913 deaths in April and May.

The number of new malaria cases is still not clear because of a lack of data from some local health centers, Kjolsh said.

The new cases are likely due to a new mosquito breeding site, the MOH added.

The virus is not contagious in humans and has no symptoms, but the symptoms include fever, rash, joint pain, and a headache.

It is not known how long the virus has been spreading.

The last case in Penanag, which borders Indonesia’s northern region, was reported by the news agency APTN on Monday.

Kjost, who heads the Mosquito Control and Control Department in the ministry, said she hopes the latest outbreak will lead to a major drop in the number of cases and deaths.

“If the current rate of cases drops, we will be able to control the virus and we will achieve our goal of controlling malaria,” Kjolas said.

Mosquitoes carry the virus but only a small number of people become infected, which helps the government control the disease and prevent more deaths, she said.

In the past year, Mosquittas have killed more than 500 people, mostly in Indonesia’s Sumatra province, and more than 8,500 people have been infected with the virus.

The current outbreak is the deadliest in Indonesia since the disease was first identified in 2003.

The country has about 17 million people and has the second-highest death rate in the world.

More than 2,000 new cases were reported in the first week of March.

About 7,000 cases were confirmed on Monday, according to MOH data.

The latest infections were first reported in March.

In total, the Mosquitoon has killed nearly 6,000.

The WHO has issued a nationwide alert to all citizens to avoid mosquito bites and wear masks when possible.

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