Amazon has a new leaflet for its customers, which looks a lot like a real leaflet but is far more fun.

The product, titled “Amazon Leaflet,” is available for download in the US and Canada.

It is part of the Amazon Prime subscription service and comes with the following:A “My Account” page, allowing you to download your personalized Amazon Leaflet.

(Amazon)A “Product Information” page with information about the product, including how to order it, order shipping, or manage the purchase.

The Amazon Leaflets are made of an adhesive-based material called “azithromboplastin,” which the company claims is “the only approved antibiotic that is safe and effective for treating all types of bacterial infections.”

(This claim has been challenged by the Food and Drug Administration, which says that antibiotics are not “approved” for use against bacteria.)

The Leaflets come with a disclaimer that they contain “generally recognized as safe” by the FDA, and Amazon says that the company has tested them against bacteria that it says have “significantly lower” levels of antibiotic resistance than normal bacteria.

Here’s the Amazon LeafLET Amazon has made available to customers in the U.S. and Canada:A couple of other things that stand out:This is the first time the Leaflets have been offered in the UK, and they look really nice.

The UK’s Health and Safety Executive also issued a warning about the Leaflet, saying that “any drug used for human consumption should not be used in animals.”

The leaflet was made by Amazon’s British subsidiary, BAE Systems, and the U

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