The leaflet distribution of a mysterious leaflet distributed by a drug company in Glasgow, Scotland, suggests a high rate of drug use among those who receive them.

The leaflets are known as the Cilest Pill leaflet and have been circulating since the mid-2000s.

They have been produced by a company called Cilen and are widely distributed in the city and surrounding areas.

The drug company has denied using its services to distribute the leaflets.

The company did not respond to requests for comment.

But, according to a recent study, the drug company was in fact using the Cilsest Pill leaflets to distribute them.

Drug addiction and drug use are common problems for many people in Scotland, including young people, many of whom have been struggling with drug problems for some time.

The Ciletpill leaflet has been used for years by people to raise awareness about drug use and their problems.

The leaflets can be found at several drug stores in Glasgow and Edinburgh, and are available on a number of different websites.

The first leaflet was distributed by the CILest Pill company in October 2017.

This is a promotional image of a Cilist Pill leaflette, which is a leaflet with the Cillinest Pill logo printed on it.

It was distributed as part of a promotional campaign that was distributed in Glasgow on September 24.

The logo is also printed on the back.

This leaflet is also used by a number other drug company and drug paraphernalia companies.

The distribution of the Cllest Pill Leaflet in Glasgow The Clletpill company distributed the Cylist Pill Leaflets in Glasgow.

They are used by people across Scotland and the UK to raise public awareness about the drug problem and help people to access treatment services.

The advertising campaign featured a young person with a mental health condition and a group of people who were struggling with addiction.

This particular leaflet showed an image of the young person and a woman who was talking about her addiction.

The woman had a white pill bag and she was holding a white powder on her finger.

She said that she had taken the pills before and that she thought she was the only one doing so.

She had been drinking a lot, she said.

This message was then printed on a white leaflet.

This poster was also used to advertise the CLList Pill leaflets.

This image shows the Clicest Pill promotional image, which was distributed at various drug stores throughout the city.

The poster is also found on the leaflets of other drug paraphenalia companies and drug company websites.

These posters were distributed to drug users in the Glasgow area, in particular young people who had been struggling for some years with drug use.

The advertisements were seen by many drug users and they also were used by drug users who had not previously been using drugs, to raise the awareness of drug-related problems.

A number of other leaflets were also distributed in September 2017, including one distributed in a pub and one distributed by two men.

This one was seen by several drug users.

This was also a promotional leaflet that was used to raise money for the C llist Pill Campaign.

This Cllist Pill advertisement is also seen on the Cltist Pill website, as well as at other drug distribution sites.

This promotional leafleting campaign was used by many people who use drugs to raise funds to help those who have lost their job due to drug addiction or drug problems.

Many drug users are not familiar with the drug-use problem in their area and they are often struggling to access appropriate treatment and support services.

Drug users are often at a loss for what they can do, especially when their drugs are not effective.

The availability of Cilst Pill leaflets is a reminder that drug use can cause severe harm, and many people are not aware of this and are often not given the support and treatment they need.

The Drug and Alcohol Strategy Scotland said that the Clevist Pill campaign was “a great success in highlighting the difficulties of drug abuse”.

It also said that there is a need to reduce drug misuse and the risks associated with drug misuse.

It added that drug users can use drug counselling and support and help to find appropriate treatment, and it urged drug users to seek help.

In a statement, the CELS Drugs and Alcohol Programme said: “This campaign has been incredibly successful and it has shown that it is possible to get people to see the problems of drug misuse that many drug dealers are dealing in the media.

The campaign was a great success and has shown there is an opportunity for drug users everywhere to find out what it’s like to be addicted.

The positive impact the campaign has had is encouraging people to seek professional help for their drug problems and for the drug users themselves to get the help they need.”

Cilust Pill leaflets can be seen at drug stores, drug parapherias, drug use groups, drug and alcohol services, social work, treatment

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