With LeafNation already on the market, we have some exciting news on the horizon.

First up, we can confirm the Maple Leafs are on the verge of winning the Stanley Cup.

And we’re also confirming the team is also getting a new logo.

And yes, we know the Leafs are already on a roll.

But there is more to come.

The Leafs will also be getting a number of new players in this year’s draft.

In addition to their first-round pick in 2017, they will also receive a 2018 first-rounder in 2020.

This year’s second-round selection in 2020 will be selected in 2019, and the 2019 pick in 2020 is currently the second-best pick the Leafs have received since 2007.

That would mean the Leafs would be looking at a record three first- and second-rounder selections in the next seven years.

The Maple Leafs have made it known they want to keep their current roster intact.

But this year, it looks like they may have a chance to get some players out of the organization and into the fold.

That’s what we’re here to explore.

The NHLPA’s executive committee meets next week in Washington, D.C. to decide how to respond to the Leafs’ disappointing season.

It’s expected to be a very contentious meeting, with the two sides competing to see which side can keep the franchise afloat and stay relevant in the face of the team’s future financial woes.

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