The number of NHL players who quit smoking has gone up, but there’s a catch: Some players are still struggling with thromboembolism, a form of clotting in the blood that can cause the lungs to fail.

The NHL has been pushing players to stop smoking for months now, and now the league has announced its latest leaflet to help players who need to make the switch.

Here are the facts.


The Leaflet campaign was launched in March.


The number is still rising.


A lot of players are struggling with the illness.

The campaign is now in its fifth month.


There are a lot of people who are trying to quit.

Players are still trying to get their players to do it. 5.

The goal of the leaflet is to get NHL players to quit smoking.


Some players will be able to quit using the new leaflet.


The leaflet will only be available for a short period of time.


Players who have completed their treatment will not need to use the leafleting program.

The Leafs will not be making any major announcements until the leafLET campaign is over.


The player who gets the first dose of the new Leafs Leaflet, will have the opportunity to get a second dose of it.

The second dose will last one to two weeks.


There will be no restrictions on the number of doses of the Leafs Leafleting Program.


Players will be allowed to have up to two doses of their first dose, provided they are not competing in an NHL event or competing in a Leafs game.


Players with a history of the disease will not have to complete the program.


Players that do not complete the leaflets will be given a second shot.


Players should not be given multiple doses.


Players whose symptoms are mild or moderate will be tested to make sure they do not have the disease.


Players and their families are encouraged to contact their health care provider about any symptoms that they may have.


Players can receive a second Leaflet dose for free at no cost.


The Toronto Maple Leafs have confirmed that they are offering the leafLeets Leaflet program to players who are struggling to quit or who have been diagnosed with the disease, and are not eligible to participate in the Leafs’ NHL playoff games.

The team has also launched a new leafleech program that is currently available to fans at Maple Leafs home games.

For more information, click here.

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