A new leaflet has been unveiled that offers voters an insight into what’s happening behind the scenes in the campaign.

The leaflet aims to highlight the changes taking place in Labour’s bid to form a government, with the first half of the leaflet being unveiled at the Brighton branch of the party.

In the second half of that leaflet (which will be released later on Tuesday), voters will be given a glimpse at the key issues that are being debated within the party, and how those issues are impacting on the lives of ordinary voters.

The second half is designed to highlight Labour’s leadership candidates.

The final half of leaflet will be made available at a special election in 2020, with it being available on the front page of every newspaper in the country.

The Labour party’s website has posted the following video, which will feature a brief overview of the issues being discussed.

It will also show a brief video clip from the campaign, and include a link to the Labour website.

Labour’s election leaflets, released on Tuesday, are designed to provide a detailed overview of key issues, and are designed with a focus on the ideas that voters will have about the party’s future.

The leaflets are available to buy for a fee of £2.99 from the party website, or by calling 0800 027 0500.

The full Labour election leaflets are:This story is developing and will be updated.

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