What you need to know about the panadoline advance leaflets that have gone on sale in the past few weeks

Panadol Advance Leaflets, an advance leafLET produced by a Panadolia subsidiary in partnership with the Australian government, are available in Australia to purchase online for $12.99.

The leaflets have the same text as the leaflets from the official Panadola website, but with a black background and a blue outline, which indicates that they are for sale to consumers in the country.

The leaflet also has a small picture of the company logo and a picture of an Australian flag.

The advance leaflett can be bought online, in the pharmacy, or at the local branch.

The product is also available at the company’s retail stores.

In an email, a Panidol spokesperson said: “We are pleased to have this product on our shelves and we expect our customers to enjoy it.”

The leaflet is a product of our joint venture partner, Panadoleas Australian Government-funded and approved manufacturing facility.

We have a number of suppliers in the area, and the process for sourcing the leaflet materials was seamless and efficient.

For more information about the Leaflets and other Panadoles products please visit www.panadol.com.au.”

We would ask all parents to be mindful of their children and not allow them to touch, pick up or take any leaflet material or accessories.”

For more information about the Leaflets and other Panadoles products please visit www.panadol.com.au.

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