The NFL’s official “green flag” flag will be used in Sunday’s game against the New England Patriots.

The flag will also be flown on the sidelines for the AFC championship game between the Indianapolis Colts and New York Giants.

The NFL is using its Green Flag Program to promote the health and safety of the fans and to help with the construction of new stadiums.

The flag will fly on the sideline during the game and will also appear on game broadcasts.

This flag will allow fans to know that they can be at home when they want to be.

The flags will be raised by standing, kneeling and in unison.

The goal of the program is to raise awareness of the health hazards of air pollution, the health risks of noise, and the risks of exposure to air pollution.

It also helps educate fans about the dangers of driving and how to avoid air pollution in the home.

The Green Flag program is part of the NFL’s Vision 2025 initiative.

The league hopes the program will inspire the next generation of players and fans.

“We’ve got to look at it as a positive for our league,” said NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy.

“We’re trying to inspire our players and our fans to make the right decisions, to be responsible and responsible stewards of our environment and our health.

That’s the goal, that’s the vision we’re trying make a reality.

It’s a big challenge, but I think it’s going to pay off for us in the long run.”

The green flag will not be the first time a team has used a green flag during a game.

The Atlanta Falcons have flown it for years, including during the last six seasons of the franchise’s run to the Super Bowl.

The Falcons have been flying the flag for years and have a history of flying it in the NFC championship game.

In 2013, the Atlanta Falcons flew the green flag as part of a Super Bowl LI banner.

In 2014, they flew it for the first half of the game against Carolina, and again for the game in San Diego.

In 2017, the Green Flag Team, a group of NFL veterans, flew the flag in honor of the U.S. flag.

In 2018, the Falcons flew it in honor at the White House.

The team also displayed the flag during an NFL anthem prior to the 2016 season.

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