A leaflet distributed by the Labour party on Sunday will be distributed in Labour-held seats, according to the party’s leaflet collection manager. 

In some areas, the leaflet will be printed at the polling station itself, with some leaflets going out to those who voted for Labour in the election, the Labour leaflet division said in a statement on Sunday.

The leaflet includes the names and addresses of people who voted in the general election and asks them to make a donation to Labour. 

Labour candidates and councillors who voted Liberal Democrat in the recent general election will receive the leaflets as part of their leaflet collections. 

It was the first time Labour has distributed leaflets in the constituency of Bexleyheath. 

There were 3,742 people who cast their votes in the May election. 

The number of votes was up by 6% on the last election, when the party won 4,865 votes. 

But, Labour is now on course to win fewer seats than the Conservatives, and the Liberal Democrats have more seats. 

However, Labour will win less seats in seats which have a higher proportion of Labour supporters. 

Plots are likely to be distributed throughout the constituency, with the party calling on voters to show their support by voting in person. 

This leaflet is part of the party ‘s general election leaflets campaign.

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