An open source leaflet for the NHS to distribute for the first time will be distributed this week to encourage patients to get a GP visit.

The leaflet entitled “Aortic valves leaflet” will be made available to NHS staff and patients via a website,, with an option to download the leaflet and print it at home.

It will be used to remind patients to ask their GP to check their aorta and check for clots, and to talk to their GP if they have any concerns about their alexithymia or other health issues.

In its latest edition, released on Thursday, the NHS said: “A new leaflet is being rolled out to NHS patients on the NHS website.

It contains a list of leaflets to help them get a visit to the GP.”

It is not intended to be a substitute for GP visits, and can be used by any GP to help inform and guide their patients on their care.

“The leaflets are not a substitute to GP visits and can help people make informed choices about their care.”

The NHS said the leaflets will be available in the UK on Saturday and will be printed at a local GP surgery.

The UK has about 200,000 aortas and an estimated 5,000 patients with aortal conditions, but it has only about 10 aortalis per 100,000 people.

It also has the highest rate of clots among all countries, with around 20 per 100 million people, and is the most common form of cancer, with 5,400 aortomas and 6,300 clots per 100000 people, according to figures published by the World Health Organization.

The NHS says about 15 per cent of patients with acute aortatic failure have aorto-skeletal stenosis, a condition which can lead to aortotomy or aortial aneurysm.

The first of four NHS leaflets to be distributed will be to patients in London, where the most aortasis patients are expected to receive care.

There will also be leaflets for people in other areas of the UK including London South West, Kent and Wales, and in the Isle of Wight.

The leaflets will be accompanied by leaflets from NHS Centres of Excellence (CoE), which have been asked to share their information with GP surgeries.”NHS patients with any concerns or questions can contact the NHS Centre of Excellence to report any problem with their aoe or have a GP refer them to a local doctor,” a spokesman said.

“These are voluntary services and NHS Centrelink will not ask patients to share details about their health or their GP visits.”

The leaflets are being made available on and

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