A leaflet that shows the Canadian flag is on display in a window at a Esri data centre in Toronto.

It was designed by the Canadian government and has been given the green light to remain on display at the facility.

Esri, the Toronto-based company that created the image, said in a news release the logo will stay at the data centre, which is one of four data centres being built in the Toronto area.

The company has been working closely with the government since 2014, when it first made the design.

In April 2018, the government awarded Esri a contract to build two of the data centres in the city.

The Canadian government had initially agreed to pay $1.2 million a year for the data center but decided in January 2019 to pay the full amount.

“The government has agreed to provide funding of $1,500,000 annually through 2021 for the development of the three data centres, including $500,00 annually for the capital project and $100,000 annual for the infrastructure,” said an Esri statement.

“Esprit de la Recherche Environnement et de l’Informatique de lutte contre l’Annexe de législation et de la Promotion des Info-Centres et des Data Centres.”

In addition, the Canadian federal government is expected to provide $750,000 over the next three years for a new network of electronic surveillance equipment at the sites, which Esri is also designing.

The Esri logo was created in 2017 and used on an app created by the company.

The logo shows a maple leaf and the words “Esquire, l’information et de tous les élections environnements.”

It was the first time the word “information” had been used in the logo.

The government has also given Esri the greenlight to make the logo public.

It is expected that the logo and other information about the government and the data centers will be accessible on the Esri website, which will be available to the public at some point in the future.

Esryns official website is www.esri.com.

It lists a link to a “news release” that the company posted in March 2018.

“We are proud to have created this unique, iconic and highly-recognized logo for Canada’s citizens, businesses, governments and citizens in general,” Esri said.

“As an agency of the Canadian Government, Esri looks forward to working with the Government of Canada to make this project a success and continue to serve Canadians.”

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