Perth, Australia – If you’ve been around town long enough, you’ll be aware that leaflet maps are the new norm in Australia.

A leaflet is a small piece of paper printed on a page that lists your town or neighbourhood.

It tells residents where to go and when.

They’re a useful way to mark a location and guide people around the city.

The idea behind a leaflet was to give people a quick and easy way to get to know their town or city.

But, with a growing number of leaflet shops across Australia, businesses are finding that people are also finding that they don’t have to spend hours in the street to find what they need.

“The best way to learn about Perth is to walk around the leaflet business,” says James Smith, owner of B&Bs Leaflet Shop in North Perth.

“[It’s] just really important to know your area so you can find the right thing.”

While there’s plenty of information available online, there’s no shortage of places to find the best place in town.

Ive been a leafleter for almost 20 years.

Ive never had to get any formal training, and there’s not a lot of knowledge about leafleting in general in Australia, so Ive always had the freedom to explore.

I have a lot more freedom now because Ive done this a lot longer.

B&Bs, which opened in 1992, is a place where you can learn about the different types of leafleters, and the different areas they operate in.

If youre a little bit lost, James says you can always ask the staff.

There are several branches in Perth, but youve got to go to the branch closest to you.

For those who live further away, James has been leafletering at the same location for years.

You cant get a leaflette anywhere else.

It is a huge business.

He says they are not only a good way to find places to eat and relax, but they can also provide information about local businesses.

People are finding more and more ways to learn more about the local community.

It’s not just about finding a place to live, but it’s also about making a connection to your local community, and being a part of that.

James is now one of many local businesses who have been doing leafletings for years and years.

He started doing them in 1994 and has been doing them for years longer.

“It has definitely changed the way I look at life,” he says.

While leaflettings have been around in Australia for many years, they were not always easy to find.

In 1995, the ABC’s Today program featured a man in a wheelchair who was looking for a place for him to live.

At that time, it was common for people to travel to another state to find a place, and this was something that had to be done.

That’s how it’s changed in the last 20 years, says Smith.

Everyone is doing it.

As long as you dont mind walking around in the sun, Ive seen a lot changes.

And the reason why they do is because they have to be there when people need them.

This is the business of leaftippers.

When Ive been leafletting for 20 years now, I have not had any formal leaflet training.

I cant remember where Ive learned it.

It just comes down to the fact that Ive got the freedom.

Its really a fantastic business.

It isnt about being a leaflettter, it is about being part of the community and having a connection with the community.

If you dont have any formal education or training, you can still find your way around.

But Ive found that people want to be part of this business and they are looking for some of the most useful things to find in the local area.

All my staff are leafletters, I dont think there is a difference between us.

We do a lot to educate people about the way we do business and how we can help people get to the things they need, so its a really positive experience.

So if you have a leafy weekend, why not join the business?

Read more about leafletting in Australia here: What is a leafLET? 

What are leaflets?

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