Microsoft is planning to roll out a Leaflet distribution platform in Mombrella, an online platform used by businesses to distribute content across their platforms.

Microsoft’s Leaflet platform is aimed at small and medium enterprises (SMEs) with small business owners and their teams that need to distribute large quantities of content online.

The company says it will support its partners by adding content distribution capabilities to its platform in the future.

It says it is planning for the future availability of a fully fledged online distribution service for all businesses that want to be able to do so.

Mumbrella is an online marketplace for content creators and consumers, and has over 10 million users.

It allows businesses to create content and offer it to customers.

Microsoft says it aims to build on this model, and that it is building the first Leaflet application to support that.

This is Microsoft’s third online distribution tool.

Microsoft’s Windows 8 application, for example, was originally created for small businesses, but was later made available for a wider audience.

Microsoft has previously worked with online delivery platform Zendesk to make online delivery easier for SMEs.

Zendesks Cloud platform has made its mark with its new Cloud Marketplace.

This new platform lets SMEs deliver content online, with Zendesian services providing content delivery solutions to businesses, organisations and individuals.

Mamba and Microsoft have previously collaborated on the development of a Windows 8 app that could be used to deliver content to users.

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