Leaflet glue is a handy way to keep pests under control.

Here’s how to use it safely and effectively.1.

Use the correct ingredients1.

Make sure you choose the right size of glue.

A lot of glue is not made for this purpose.2.

Use it sparingly, just enough to get a few drops of glue into your area.3.

You can spray a bit, but never spray more than you need.4.

Avoid the use of glue where there are insecticides on the ground.

It will just attract pests to the area.5.

Don’t mix glue and insecticide-contaminated soil.

They can cause a chemical reaction and damage the soil.6.

Don´t use glue on plants where there is an existing insecticide on the plant.

That will just cause a new insecticide to sprout.7.

Use a low-level spray that leaves no residue.8.

Use only one product, such as the spray-on leaflet.

You won´t need to reapply it to your leaflet or plant.9.

Donít mix glue with insecticides.

You could be creating a pesticide-contamination problem.10.

Use spray-ons that are not only lightweight, but also small enough to be safely removed from the container.11.

Donât mix insecticides with other substances, such an herbicide or herbicide-based insect repellent.

It could also harm plants.

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