By now, you’ve probably seen a few videos of people shooting photos and video of cute puppies and kittens.

The camera is a good-looking little device that you use to take photos and videos of adorable pets, and it’s easy to get creative with it.

But for some people, a Google Lens is also a camera, and they like to take the opportunity to take a shot.

They want to capture a moment that shows their kids and their friends the amazing world of dogs.

And that’s exactly what this tutorial from National Review is for. 

This tutorial, from National Reviews, covers how to make a Google Cardboard version of the video of a cute puppy in a cute house. 

The tutorial is an easy-to-follow walkthrough of the basic process of using a Google card to make an image of a puppy and take a picture of it.

You’ll also learn how to capture that adorable puppy in the image, and how to edit the image to show just what the puppy looks like in person.

Here’s how you can get started: 1. 

Create a Cardboard Google Card version of a video You can make your own Cardboard versions of the photos you want to take.

This tutorial from National Review shows how you could do it with the cards from a range of brands like Nike, Amazon, and Target.

You can also download a Google cardboard version of this video and make it yourself.


Import the Cardboard Version of a Video You can import the Cardbox version of your video.

This video from NationalReview shows how to import an image from Google Cardbox.


Print Your Own Card to Take Photos and Video from the Google Card You can print your own Google Card to use as a lens to take photographs and video.

You could even print it to use on a smart phone or a tablet. 

If you don’t have a camera and have a printer, the tutorial from  NationalReview  shows how Google Cardbook has a tutorial to print out the card.


Use a Google Camera to Take Your Puppy to Work As soon as you have a Google camera ready, you can make an awesome little shot of your adorable dog with your Google Glass.

And since the Google Lens has an automatic focus setting, you don: a) have to manually focus your camera at every angle; or b) have a timer to keep it from focusing at the wrong angle.


Attach a Lens to Your Google Card The tutorial from NRO shows how to attach a Google lens to your Google Card.


Edit the Image You want to Capture You can edit your Google Lens version of an image to add some details, like a name, address, or pet’s name. 


Export the Image To a Google Drive You can use the Google Drive app to transfer the image you just made to your computer.

You should export the image as a .png file or a .gif file.


Send the Image to Your Friends You might want to send your adorable puppy a personalized greeting, or you could send it to a loved one who’s looking for a dog.

Here’s how to send an image that shows off your pet’s personality:9. 

Upload the Image in a Facebook Image Sharing Platform You can upload your image to Facebook to use in an image sharing platform.

The National Reviews tutorial  shows you how to upload your Google image.


Save the Image on Your Google Drive, or Print It to Post It on Your Blog or Blogger Here’s the link to download a file that will make a .jpg file for printing on a post-it note: National Journal’s National Library of Photography  is the world’s largest library of rare, high-resolution images.

You might be able to find your way to one of the collections through a search engine.

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