POLITICO Florida – An Ohio man is suing a pharmacy after he said he was ordered to take a leaflet that he believes to be fake news.

Michael W. McHenry, an 18-year-old college student, is suing for damages stemming from the April 18 incident.

The lawsuit, filed Monday in Polk County Circuit Court, says McHenry bought two leaflet-shaped packets containing a fake news story.

The lawsuit says Mchenry received one packet and a “fake news leaflet” after purchasing it at the Walmart Pharmacy in Sarasota.

McHenry’s attorney, John Soderstrom, said the lawsuit seeks to prevent other people from getting similar treatment.

He said he believes McHenry was “harassed” by the pharmacist who made the orders.

The pharmacy told the Tampa Bay Times that it “categorically” denies the claims, and that the company “does not manufacture or distribute any of the material in question.”

McHenry, who lives in the Orlando suburb of Pinellas Park, said he got the leaflets from a website that sells fake news and has been receiving similar complaints since last summer.

He described them as fake news leaflets that had a black and white “NEWS” logo printed on the back.

Mchenry said the packets he received at the pharmacy included a list of prescription drugs, which he said were all covered under the Medicare drug benefit.

He didn’t know which prescription drug was included in the packet.

“I’m just trying to get the information I need, I just want to make sure I’m getting the right medication,” McHenry said.

“My name is Michael McHenry.

I’m an 18 year old college student,” he added.

The Tampa Bay Dispatch reported that McHenry purchased the leaflets because he wanted to “warn others that fake news is out there and that they need to know how to spot it before they get sick.”

Mchenley said he’s gotten several fake news reports in the last few months and is concerned about fake news coming out of his hometown.

“We have people who are calling me and asking me, ‘What’s happening?'” he said.

McHenry said he went to Walmart to buy the leafles to try to “stop the fake news” he was receiving.

McHenry said he saw an advertisement on the site that asked for a tip on a fake leaflet and wanted to order it.

After the purchase, he received a package containing two packages, both containing the same “fake” leaflets.

“I just looked at them, they were the same leaflet,” McHenry told The Tampa Bay Post.

He said he noticed that the second package was marked “free” on the front and the front was “the same size.”

McHenley said when he tried to open the packages he found that the first package had a red sticker on the top and the second had the same sticker and was labeled “FREE.”

“It said it was for my pharmacist,” he said, adding that he had no idea what was in the second packet.

A Walgreens spokesperson told the paper that Walgys products were not affected by the allegations.

According to a Walgills website, the company is committed to providing quality, affordable and reliable health care products at competitive prices, which includes all prescription medications and other medical supplies that are dispensed by the pharmacy.

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