A new version of the bookmarks browser extension is available now.

The latest version, which we first reported on back in May, comes with some pretty cool features and a nice design that we can’t help but love.

The latest version of Google Mapsbookmarklet allows you to set your own custom bookmarklet, adding a bookmark to the top of your browser window.

It can also set the title, a short description, and a few other things.

The code for the bookmarklet is pretty simple, but you can easily modify it to customize it in your own way.

Here’s how to make your own Google Maps bookmarklet using a bit of Javascript and HTML5 code:This is an excellent extension for anyone who’s looking to create custom bookmarklets or bookmarklets that make use of the latest Google Maps features.

We’ve seen a number of other Google bookmarklets available for free, but they usually don’t include a title or description, which is pretty standard for most bookmarklets.

If you want to do something a bit more custom, you can download Google MapsBookmarklet.

If this isn’t the extension for you, you could also create your own bookmarklet in HTML5, CSS, and Javascript using the included source code.

Google MapsBooklet also comes with a few useful settings that we think you’ll enjoy.

You can set the bookmark’s title to something you’d like, add a short explanation to the bookmark, and set the time of day as well as the zoom level.

You could even make your bookmark use a custom image and title.

You’re able to add your own colors and fonts, too, so this extension will let you create your very own bookmark with all the bells and whistles.

Google’s bookmarks extension was recently updated to include a new version called “The Future” which includes new bookmarklets, as well.

The new version, like the previous one, comes in three different flavors.

The newest is the full version, with a title that’s similar to the one used by Google Maps, along with a description that’s a bit longer.

You also get a little more features, like setting the date of the next bookmark, adding your own color and font, and setting the location of the bookmark.

We were very impressed by Google’s bookmarked extension when we first reviewed it back in April.

It’s still one of the best bookmarklets out there for Android, and you can grab it for free here .

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