Rows of leaflet racks sit in racks of bookshelves on racks of shelves of books, but if you have a library that has many books, you may want to consider an app that lets you easily add book covers to the racks and to other shelves.

Amazon recently launched a tool that lets people add book cover images and book titles to bookshelve shelves.

You can find the new Amazon Leaflet Rack app for Android and iOS.

It’s easy to use and has a free version with a variety of options.

It allows users to select their favorite cover image and title for the book cover and you can then click on the icon to add a book cover to the book.

You’ll also be able to use the app to add book titles and covers.

You just have to select the desired book and then add the title.

It can be a little more involved than adding a book title or adding a cover, but the interface is well designed and there’s an easy way to turn the tables on others who might be considering adding a new cover or adding an image to the shelf.

The new app has a number of features including an online book shelf with book covers, a bookmark feature that lets users create book lists and book covers that appear when you bookmark a book, and a book search function that shows the book title, author, and title of the book that you are looking for.

It also allows users who want to add an image for a book to have a look at the image, or they can select an image from the library’s Photo Albums section, and then use the search function to find the image that fits their book.

The app also has a feature that allows users add book title tags, so that users can easily add their book covers with their own titles.

The application comes in at $1.99, but it’s still free to download and use.

This is a really nice app and the user interface is pretty clean.

Users can also create their own book covers and book title labels for the bookshelved shelves.

The library also has some really great features like an online bookshelving app that you can access from the Home screen, a new book shelf, and some other neat features.

The company that developed the app, Liora, has raised $100 million in funding.

Lioradine is the company behind the new app.

The news source has contacted Amazon for comment.

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