How to create your own Kesehatana flower on the spot

A keseha flower has been created by a man in his backyard in Kerala.

According to the reports, the man used the local crop to make a colourful flower that is now being used in promotional leaflets.

The man, named Mr Tewa, said the keseho is his favorite flower.

“This was an experiment I had with the crop to see how it can be grown in my backyard,” Mr Tiwas said.

“The first thing I wanted to do was to make the flower beautiful and unique,” he said.

He also added that he was not using the crop for the sake of the flower, but to make it stronger and more vibrant.

“I had planted it on the ground before I started planting the crop,” Mr Maunu said.

The plant is a native of the western state of Kerala and is native to Thailand.

Its a shrub that grows up to a metre high and is typically found along roadsides.

Its the only one in Kerala that grows in the wild.

The kesehas flower is a bright yellow flower that resembles a kaffir limeade.

Kaffir Limeade is a popular drink that is made with kaffirs juice that is mixed with lime.

It is made from a type of lime called kaffira.

Mr Tiwasa said that he wanted to make something special and unique.

“In this case I wanted something that was unique and a little different from the other fruits,” he added.

“We did some experiments to see if the fruit would be strong enough to be used as promotional leaflet,” he explained.

The leaflet will be distributed by the Kerala Tourism Board.

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