A new leaflet from the New Yorker magazine’s collection is making the rounds on social media.

The cover depicts a flower growing out of the New Jersey shoreline with a small bird perched on it.

The leaflet is titled Strange Leaflet and it is the work of artist and curator, Laura Schmitz, whose gallery has been described as a hub of New York art and design.

Schmitzy’s works, which have been on display since the mid-1990s, have been exhibited at museums around the world, including the Whitney Museum in New York, the Louvre in Paris, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New London, Conn.

Schmitz’s work often depicts birds and animals, and this time it’s using a butterfly.

The leaflet depicts a bird in a cage, and its wings are open, indicating that the bird is holding a flower.

It is unclear if the bird’s wings are opened or not, but the bird on the leaflet seems to be holding the flower.

The artwork has drawn much criticism from people who feel it is inappropriate for young children to look at the art and wonder about its meaning.

Some people have claimed that Schmitzer’s work is exploitative and sexual.

Schmidtz responded to these criticisms by creating the leaflets with a special formula that mimics the shape of the flower, making it appear like it is a normal flower, and she also created the leafleting in the form of a bird that is holding the butterfly, a bird with a large, dark eye.

The New Yorker’s cover of the Strange Leafleting is captioned with a quote from a character in the book The Bell Jar.

The caption reads, “I like flowers.

What do you like?”

The leaflets are not new to Schmittz.

In 2011, Schmitzo created a leaflet for the Museum of Modern Art in Manhattan, which was titled Flower.

The artwork depicted a bird and a flower with the words “My Flower is Blue” on it, as well as the words, “A flower that can grow and multiply.”

Schmitzy has also created artwork for the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C., as well.

Schimtz is a frequent critic of Donald Trump.

The artist, who was an adviser to President Donald Trump during the 2016 election, called him a “racist and sexist” who “seeks to divide and conquer the human race.”

In 2016, Schimz made headlines after she created a piece titled “The Black Man in the White House,” which she said was a reference to Trump.

The artwork was widely criticized, and SchmitZ also took a hit for creating the artwork that depicts the Black Lives Matter movement in 2017.

Schmittz defended the artwork on Twitter, writing that the piece was a representation of the Black community and that she had no idea that Trump was going to be elected president.

Schistz also apologized to anyone who thought that her artwork depicted an inappropriate depiction of Black people.

The author of Strange Leaflets, Laura Schnitzer, said that her art is meant to be funny, and that it has a lot of humor.

Schitzer said that she is not an artist, but that she does draw and make art to help people understand and communicate with the world.

She also said that this art is not intended to offend anyone, but is just for fun.

Schlisz told Bloomberg that she and her husband have lived in New Jersey for about 20 years.

They have two kids and a dog.

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