Flowers, flowers, flowers – Australia’s national pollinator cover is in trouble

Australia’s main pollinator, the flower, is under threat.

Key points:The federal government says it is taking steps to protect pollinatorsKey points Pollinators have long been a key source of income for many rural communitiesPollinators depend on a healthy food supplyThe Department of Agriculture says it has “finally found” a solution to the problemThe number of native flowering plants and grasses in Australia is declining as a result of the destruction of native plants, and a lack of soil to support them.

But the Department of the Environment says the problem is not as bad as many Australians believe.

In its annual report released on Thursday, the department said it was taking steps, including the creation of a new national wildlife protection agency and a national biodiversity program.

It said it would also work to protect native pollinators, including pollinators that have survived the global pandemic and are thriving in the wild.

“We are not quite there yet, but we are on the way to where we want to be,” Environment Minister Greg Hunt said on Thursday.

“It’s a big task but it’s one we’re committed to and it’s something we can do.”

The federal Environment Minister is on a two-day trip to China, South Korea and Vietnam to discuss the pandemic with officials.

The Department says it will also be launching a national pollinators survey and is working with local government and businesses to promote the use of native pollinator species.

In Australia, the largest number of pollinators live in Victoria, which has a population of 1.1 million.

A small number of indigenous species, including butterflies and bees, also live in the country.

“The loss of native flower species is one of the most important things we can be doing to address this problem,” Hunt said.

“There’s a lot of work to do.”

Australia is home to more than 600 native flowering species.

They range from butterflies to bees, but the largest and most important are the flowering plants.

In most cases, native flowering vegetation provides food for native plants and can be an important source of revenue for many small communities.

But these native plants have been reduced to just one species, the flailleaf.

Its range and habitat have been severely impacted by the destruction and degradation of native plant communities.

In some parts of the country, the loss of this species has been so severe that it has lost its ability to feed the population.

In 2015, the Australian government banned the planting of native flowers and grass.

But there are still hundreds of species of native grasses, which have been introduced into the wild, and are important for many areas of Australia.

A national wildlife management plan will be introduced in 2018 to help protect native grass and other native species.

It also aims to improve the sustainability of native wildlife habitats and help create habitats that are suitable for native pollination.

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