The creator of a leaflet claiming to be an encrypted messaging app says she’s never going to use it because she knows how many people will hate it.

Kieran Murray, a designer and entrepreneur who also creates a new cryptocurrency called LTCK, was contacted by CoinDesk.

Murray is the founder of, a company that sells encrypted messaging apps, and she has been using it since early 2016.

Murray told CoinDesk that she received a message last week that said, “Kierann Murray will never let you go” and that she would “never get back” to her.

Murray said she responded to the message with, “OK, I’m still open to feedback, but you have to understand, I have to make money to do what I do.

You know how much I earn.

I want to be able to keep doing this.”

Murray said that her first thought was to reply with, “[LTCK] is a completely different coin from [Bitcoin], so it’s a bit of a leap to me.”

She said that when she first received the message she thought it was “a joke,” but after the conversation she began to think about how it might be true.

“I’ve never been to a real cryptography conference, so I was like, ‘Oh, I’ll just give this a go,'” Murray said.

Murray’s first conversation with a crypto-currency conference went well, she said, and a group of people in a room in Washington, DC, invited her to talk to other people there.

The idea for LTCk came about when she started thinking about how different cryptocurrency would look if it was more of a commodity, Murray said, which is what bitcoin is.

“It was an idea I had that I just wanted to share with other people,” she said.

“It was like a way to help people get started with crypto-currencies.

It was a way for people to see if they could get involved and build a business around crypto-products.”

The message on the Leaflet website read, “If you have ever thought of buying a car, it’s only because you have a car problem.

But if you’re a crypto enthusiast, it is just as possible to buy a crypto car.”

Murray and the Leaflets team said the message was intended to be a joke, but Murray said it was meant to be seen as a serious threat to LTC.

“The message was very serious,” she told CoinMarketCap.

“There was no malicious intent.

There was no intention to hurt anyone.”

The Leaflets website was created in May and the company has only recently started accepting donations to continue to provide the service.

The Leaflets page says the company’s goal is to create a decentralized communication system for people who want to communicate without using the internet.

Murray said she’s also hoping to get some of the money she raises from Leaflets into building a cryptocurrency marketplace that would allow users to buy, sell, and trade crypto-coins.

“If it’s not going to be bitcoin, we’d like to see something that’s more like a real-world commodity, like gold,” she added.

“We’d like for people that want to do this to have a place to buy and sell.”

Murray has said she hopes the company will eventually expand beyond messaging and provide other services like a platform to create other cryptocurrencies.

“People are trying to build something that can be a decentralized social media platform.

There are so many great examples of what’s happening now,” Murray said on CoinDesk’s interview show CoinDesk, the first of its kind.

“I hope it’s something people will use to communicate with each other.”

A spokesperson for Leaflets declined to comment on Murray’s claims.

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