Conservatives will soon begin sending their leaflet for their book club to college seniors in Canada, according to a campaign by the group Conservative Students for Liberty.

The Conservative Students For Liberty (CSFL) released a campaign leaflet with an illustration of a leaflet of American conservatives, the leaflet reads, and encourages readers to contact them with their questions.

The leaflet also suggests the leaflets can be mailed to seniors, or even shared on Facebook.

The group said it would send the leaflets to all the colleges and universities where the Conservatives hold their annual spring meeting.

The CPFL is also encouraging people to post flyers about their Conservative Students events in their town, or to ask their friends and neighbors to do the same.

The groups campaign comes on the heels of Conservative Students’ announcement that it would be sending leaflet copies to all college campuses.

The new campaign comes as the CPFL plans to expand its reach beyond its core base of students.

The organization announced its fall meetings would begin March 7, and it has begun sending flyers to colleges across Canada.

The Conservatives say the campaign is part of a broader effort to get more college students to read their material and to share their views online.

“If we can make the Conservative Students a more accessible and friendly space for everyone to be a member of the Conservative Party of Canada, we will have a more positive impact on our movement,” the CPfl’s president, Andrew Scheer, said in a statement.

The Leaflet is also a major step toward making the Conservative Student chapter a more permanent part of the campus community, the CPflf said.

“We’re very excited about the opportunity to partner with the Conservatives and to provide our students with a platform to engage in thoughtful and informed discourse on political issues,” said Chris Cope, the executive director of the group.

The news comes amid growing calls for the Conservative party to increase its engagement with conservative students and encourage them to vote.

In an op-ed published in The Hill on Thursday, former presidential candidate and conservative activist Herman Cain said Conservative Students should “do the right thing and stop trying to be the voice of the Republican party and the voice for conservative politics.”

The Conservatives are also making their own attempt at getting more students to join the party, with a new campaign that encourages people to attend the Conservative Conference and other events.

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