An advertisement for the HIV drug ran in the Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf, which carried an image of the leaflet and the words: “Viral AIDS is spreading faster than anyone ever imagined.”

The leaflet did not mention that it contained false information, nor did it offer any support for the drug’s efficacy.

Instead, the leafleting was meant to highlight the fact that HIV was “an epidemic” and that more than 30 percent of HIV infections were preventable, according to the Dutch AIDS Foundation.

The leafleter also stated that “the drug is effective for controlling viral infections” and “helps control HIV transmission” by “encouraging healthy sexual relations”.

The leaflets campaign against HIV, which started in the Netherlands in 2013, drew attention from human rights organizations around the world.

The Netherlands was the first country to officially legalize the HIV medication ritonavir, which was approved in March 2018.

In June, the World Health Organization declared the drug a “preventable human health risk” and an “imminent public health emergency”.

The campaign was supported by a coalition of civil society groups including Doctors Without Borders and the Global Alliance for AIDS Vaccines.

“This leaflet was meant for a Dutch public that was still confused and worried about HIV,” said the Netherlands AIDS Foundation’s Dr. Pieter Bockting.

“However, this leaflet has been interpreted by people in the HIV community as support for ritonavalir.

People were convinced that this leafletering campaign was meant as an attack against the drug, and that the Netherlands would not be able to regulate ritonivir properly because of the drug.

The results are very clear: the leaflets have been used to further polarize the HIV debate in the country, and reinforce the message that the HIV pandemic is an epidemic.”

The HIV drug ritonvir, developed by Sanofi-Aventis and Merck, is the only HIV drug that is approved for treatment in the United States.

Since it was approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in March of 2018, ritonvir has been widely available in the US.

While some people in many countries take ritonvirols, the majority of people in other countries do not, despite the fact it is the most effective HIV drug in the world at controlling the virus.

The drug is currently licensed by the FDA for use in Africa, Asia and Europe.

In the Netherlands, the drug is being sold at pharmacies and drugstores, and has been distributed to pharmacies and other health-care providers.

According to data from the World Bank, approximately two thirds of HIV-positive people in Europe are now taking ritonrols.

According the World Economic Forum, the HIV epidemic in the European Union is projected to reach over 20 million infections by 2020.

In response to the leafing campaign, the Dutch Health Minister Anne Jelmert said, “The leaflet campaign does not represent the position of the Netherlands.

It does not reflect our position.

It represents the positions of people that are anti-HIV.

It has nothing to do with HIV prevention.”

According to the World AIDS Day campaign, a leaflet is one of five key elements of a successful campaign.

In November, the group said that the leaflette campaign had been one of its “biggest success stories,” and that it was also “a significant success for our work in terms of building awareness.”

The group’s founder, Dr. Jeanette Van Houten, told De Teekraf that the leaflets were intended to raise awareness.

“We want to show that the disease is real and not a joke.

And we want to make the message clear that the epidemic is not over,” she said.

“If the people are not informed about HIV, it is not going to stop the disease,” said Van Houtsen, a member of the Amsterdam AIDS Alliance (AA) and a physician at the Dutch Medical University of Bochum.

Van Houteen told De Tereggiets that the campaign was the result of “an urgent need.”

She added that the group had received “very positive feedback” from people in different countries who had tried to help the campaign and that they had also reached out to the government and the pharmaceutical industry.

“These messages have to reach the right people at the right time.

And that’s what the leafleteering campaign is about.

And now we have to do more,” she told De Kesteren.

The Dutch AIDS foundation, which is working on a similar campaign, told Newsweek that they are currently conducting an investigation into the leaflettting campaign.

They added that they have contacted local media outlets to “help them understand the leafleepping and how it works.”

The Dutch HIV Alliance said that they were not surprised that the “leaflet campaign was used by anti-drug activists,” since the organization was already “doing

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